Schedule 2014

* Thursday, June 12 (Special Event)

9 pm Pre-infringement Open mic @ LE BULL


Wednesday, June 18

All day L’USINE 106U

8 pm Recital Fractal II @ LABO DE LA TAVERNE JARRY


Thursday, June 19

All day L’USINE 106U

2:30 pm Infringement metro performance @ GEORGES-VANIER METRO

5 à 7 Infringement cocktails at the Dumpster Dive Art Drive @ BIFTECK

7 pm 10th anniversary infringement celebratory feast @ CAVERNE GRECQUE

9 pm Open mic @ LE BULL


Friday, June 20

All day L’USINE 106U

9 pm the extract, Richard Lahmy, Crazy Knows Crazy @ BARFLY

9 pm Candyass Beach Party Cabaret @ CAFÉ CLEO


Saturday, June 21

All day L’USINE 106U

All day The Painted Dress @ LE P’TIT CABARET

All day Kitty Porn and other Visual Arts @ LE P’TIT CABARET

3 pm Infringement Film Screenings @ LE P’TIT CABARET

4 pm Mona Lissa & The Brink @ LE P’TIT CABARET

5 pm Critical Report from the World Fringe Congress @ LE P’TIT CABARET

6 pm Public Reading: John Faithful Hamer’s “Blue Notes” @ LE P’TIT CABARET

7 pm Von Dalia @ LE P’TIT CABARET

8 pm Buffalo Burlesque Collective @ LE P’TIT CABARET

9 pm Infringement Festival Hip Hop ShowcaseDrop D, PsynLanguage, JAY MANAFEST, Nikolai Kush @ LE P’TIT CABARET


Sunday, June 22

1 pm King & Candyass Red Light Walking Tour @ LE MIDWAY

All day L’USINE 106U

All day The Painted Dress @ LE P’TIT CABARET

All day Kitty Porn and other Visual Arts @ LE P’TIT CABARET

3:30 pm Busker & Josephine @ LE P’TIT CABARET

4:30 pm Richard Lahmy @ LE P’TIT CABARET

5 pm Infringement Spoken Word Show @ LE P’TIT CABARET

5:45 pm Look, a fang! @ LE P’TIT CABARET

6:30 pm Buffalo Burlesque Collective @ LE P’TIT CABARET

8:15 pm Seven No-Name Comedians Doing Comedy  @ LE P’TIT CABARET

9:30 pm Jazzotopes @ LE P’TIT CABARET

10:30 pm This is not [sic]

11:00 pm Infringement closing jam with Voodoo Shango Experience & @ LE P’TIT CABARET