The infringement festival takes issue with the following practices, which are known to occur at various Fringe Festivals around the world, especially in Canada where the word “Fringe” has actually been trademarked by business interests. To protect artists and communities from negative corporate interference, the infringement festival proposes:

NO Unethical sponsors
NO Conflict-of-Interest sponsors
NO Visual pollution/corporate spam
NO Pay-to-play fees
NO Box Office “service charges”
NO Trademarking (™)
NO Legal threats for using the word “Fringe”
NO Censorship
NO Kicking artists out
NO Banning political artists
NO Discrimination
NO Exclusion
NO Favoritism
NO Security guards conducting bag searches
NO Hierarchy or corporate structure
NO Naming rights/cross-branding
NO Corporate manipulation/interference

* For a more detailed analysis, please read here.