Rebecca Anne Banks and Company – Poetry in the Parc



Poetry in the Parc is a celebration of Spoken Word in Quebec, celebrating the history of renowned Quebecois Symbolist Poet Emile Nelligan.  The Event is to be held in St.Louis Square by the fountain and the statue of Emile Nelligan.  With a line up of local and renowned Poets we will read and recite our poetry in the celebration of Summer in Montreal.  A guerilla poetry event for creative, nonviolent change in North America.

2 p.m. in Saint Louis Square (meet at the bust of Emile Nelligan)





Haunted Mountain Tour

Haunted Montreal

Haunted Mountain is a spooky, lantern-lit walking tour up the slopes of Mount Royal. Beginning in Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood at the rumoured-to-be-haunted Barfly, the ramble visits various haunted sites on the mountain, including several locations where ghosts have actually been sighted.

Theatrical guide Donovan King will regale guests with ghost stories, mysteries and legends about Mount Royal, including haunted hospitals, abandoned castles, cemeteries teeming with undead spirits, and all sorts of paranormal activities on the mountain.

Saturday, June 20, 8 p.m. @ Barfly (4062 Boulevard St. Laurent)
$20.00. Buy your tickets at




PsynLangwage is a revolution in the Montreal Hip-Hop scene.


STORY: Three brothers (DaDestroya, Negrosapien and HemmRage) fed up with the direction that Hip-Hop music was taking, decided to band together and destroy everything in their path.


When people hear about Hip-Hop, they come to expect talk of jewelry, guns and other cheap tricks. PsynLangwage is here to change that. They mix Comedy, Crowd Participation and Paper Bag Heads to bring performing back to the art form.

Tired of bling-music? Do you want Change? Ready to put that bag over your head?

Then you’re ready to PSYN UP!


Thee Sin Caves


Thee Sin Caves Band

Thee Sin Caves are the Von trapps of Punk rock or is it Garage rock or Psych rock ?
Three members related not only by blood or genetic prerequisites or serendipitious happenstance but by some unknowned dark force from the ethers…or not …*chuckles *.







The Rock Rollers

The Rock Rollers


The Rock Rollers are a Montreal-based group representing three generations of musicians. We play country swing, rockabilly and roots-based music, a mixed bag of classics and originals (about 50/50 although there is no shortage of excellent original songs). Catchy, danceable and fun for everybody!