Yearly Archive: 2014

Seven No-Name Comedians Doing Comedy

A night of “what if” comedy. What if you bit the bullet and dared to go on stage, risking ridicule? 7 no-name comedians bring you minimally-seasoned comedy with a shot of “hey, at least we’re trying”, and a digestif of “well, we’d come to your show…” Come and laugh with…
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Voodoo Shango Experience

Formed in 2011 by Johnny “Papa” Shango (Colectivo), the Voodoo Shango Experience’s mission is to pay tribute to the “funk culture” of the 70’s and early 80’s. The influence of the music, movies and even the literature of that era can be felt whenever you live the Voodoo Shango Experience……
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JAY MANAFEST is an MC and spoken word artist from Montreal. Heavily inspired by early 90’s east coast hip hop and politcally charged music of all types, JAY MANAFEST uses music as a platform to speak out against injustice and shed a brighter vision for the future. He’s currenly halfway…
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This is not [sic]

A band featuring members of [sic] that is in no way [sic]. Original, lyrical, catchy, sometimes humorous and somewhat country accoustic rock. There may even be a few [sic] covers but we sound nothing like the band in the link below. Sunday, June 22 @ 10:30 pm / Dimanche le…
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L’USINE 106U est une galerie d’art autogérée spécialisée dans la figuration hors-normes. Présentant chaque mois des expositions collectives d’une trentaine d’artistes, son mandat est d’abolir les barrières entre les artistes et le public, qu’elles soient hiérarchiques, intellectuelles ou monétaires. L’USINE 106U @ 160 Roy Est Durant toute le festival

Von Dalia

“Impassioned, expressive, and colourful; Dalia is more than a singer; she’s an artist who tells a story through each song.” – Ann Lang, CBC Radio Embark on a Vivid Musical Journey with ‘Psyche-Dalia Gypsy Soul’ Von Dalia breaks every musical convention, crossing barriers and blending vibes in a passionate mosaic…
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