June 21 juin


JAY MANAFEST is an MC and spoken word artist from Montreal. Heavily inspired by early 90’s east coast hip hop and politcally charged music of all types, JAY MANAFEST uses music as a platform to speak out against injustice and shed a brighter vision for the future. He’s currenly halfway…
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L’USINE 106U est une galerie d’art autogérée spécialisée dans la figuration hors-normes. Présentant chaque mois des expositions collectives d’une trentaine d’artistes, son mandat est d’abolir les barrières entre les artistes et le public, qu’elles soient hiérarchiques, intellectuelles ou monétaires. L’USINE 106U @ 160 Roy Est Durant toute le festival

Critical Report from the World Fringe Congress

Critical Report from the World Fringe Congress When infringement festival founder Donovan King was invited to the first-ever World Fringe Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland, he thought there had been a mistake! With over 50 so-called “Fringe” Festivals in attendance, including those named after or run by corporations, the infringement provided…
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The Art of Burlesque (The Buffalo Burlesque Collective)

Bumping and grinding for social change, blurring gender barriers, liberating, and celebrating all body types with the timeless art of burlesque. Cat Sinclair is a Burlesque Dancer and performance artist with The Stripteasers Burlesque in Buffalo NY, she has been bumping and grinding for social change and breaking down gender barriers since…
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