Get Involved 2015

Want to be an artist at the Montreal infringement festival?

The infringement festival does its best to provide resources for artists to play at the festival at no cost, however resources are not limitless. Artists wishing to perform at the Montreal infringement festival should expect to collaborate with organizers and provide and share as many resources as possible. As a festival that supports community-building, reciprocity is highly valued, meaning artists playing at the festival are encouraged to participate in different events and support the other artists by attending their shows and events. Artists should also be familiar with the festival’s mandate.

One of the best ways to ensure success as an artist at the infringement festival is to also become an organizer (see below).

If you want to perform at the 2015 Montreal infringement festival, please register below.

To get involved as an artist, please fill out this form:

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Want to help organize the Montreal infringement festival?

The Montreal infringement festival would not exist without a core of volunteer collaborators who meet throughout the year to help organize the festival. Collaborators organize everything from promotion, artist recruitment and event-planning to venue-booking, media relations and festival production. “Bring what you would hope to find” is a popular infringement motto.

Collaborators are often artists, activists and culture-lovers and we meet usually around twice a month at L’Escalier, a cultural café beside Berri-UQAM metro (552 St. Catherine Est). It’s a great way to meet new people, empower artists and to be part of a community event that challenges the corporate takeover of culture.

Here are some examples of things you can do as a collaborator:

1)    Be in charge of a day and curate some acts.

2)    Book and be in charge of a venue.

3)    Invite a critical artist to play and be in charge of helping them.

4)    Be a music co-ordinator and book bands.

5)    Hold a fundraiser.

6)    Create an event or a show.

7)    Help other organizers with media, billeting, creating images, etc.

8)    Support infringers year-round by attending their events.

9)    Help establish new infringement festivals in other places.

Those wishing to collaborate on the festival are most welcome to attend meetings, held every second Sunday at l’Escalier. Please have a look at the Production Schedule below to see when meetings are held.

To get involved as an oragnizer, please fill out this form:

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Production Schedule for Volunteer Collaborators

Sunday, April 26                              Meeting #7 @ L’Escalier at 6 pm

Sunday, May 10                               Meeting #8 @ L’Escalier at 6 pm

Sunday, May 24                               Meeting #9 @ L’Escalier at 6 pm

Sunday, May 30                               Deadline for submissions

Sunday, June 7                               Meeting #10 @ L’Escalier at 6 pm

Sunday, June 7                               Deadline for scheduling

Sunday, June 7                               Deadline to update website

Sunday, June 7                               Deadline for press release

Monday, June 8                               Media campaign

Wednesday, June 17                      Festival opens (Louis Royer @ Labo-Jarry)

Thursday, June 18                          Festival Day #2 (Laurence @ Concordia Co-Op)

Friday, June 19                                Festival Day #3 (Velma @ Cafe Cleopatre)

Saturday, June 20                           Festival Day #4 (?)

Sunday, June 21                             Festival Day #5 (Don & Velma @ Midway)


Want to support infringement artists?

Infringement artists do performances year-round! Please consider attending some of these upcoming events and support the artists who help organize and play in the festival:

Candyass Cabaret. The third Friday of every month, Burlesque Queen extraordinaire Velma Candyass hosts the Candyass Cabaret! CAFÉ CLEOPATRE @1230 Saint Laurent. Doors open at 9 pm, show starts at 10 pm. $10.

Haunted Montreal. Donovan King leads private ghost tours of Downtown Montreal and Mount Royal through Haunted Montreal. King reveals dark secrets about the city through ghostly storytelling.  A season of tours open to the public will be announced soon! See website for rates.

If you are an infringement artist with a regular event or upcoming performance that you would like listed here, please contact


Want to support the infringement movement globally?

You can visit other Infringement festivals, which currently exist in Columbia (South Carolina), Buffalo (New York) and Montreal (Québec). Following Montreal, the Buffalo infringement festival, one of the largest arts festivals in North America, runs July 23 – August 2, 2015.

You can also start your own infringement festival!