Get Involved

The Montreal infringement festival is currently seeking collaborators and artists for its 13th annual edition, running November 15 – 20, 2016!

The Montreal infringement festival would not exist without a core of volunteer collaborators who help to organize the festival. Collaborators organize everything from promotion, artist recruitment and event-planning to venue-booking, media relations and festival production. “Bring what you would hope to find” is a popular infringement motto.

Collaborators are often artists, activists and culture-lovers and we meet usually around twice a month as the festival season approaches. It’s a great way to meet new people, empower artists and to be part of a community event that challenges the corporate takeover of culture.

Here are some examples of things you can do as a collaborator or artist:

1) Create an event or a show.
2) Be in charge of a day and curate some acts.
3) Book and be in charge of a venue.
4) Invite a critical artist to play and be in charge of helping them organize.
5) Be a music co-ordinator and book bands.
6) Hold a fundraiser.
7) Help other organizers with media, billeting, creating images, etc.
8) Collaborate with other infringers to make a group event.
9) Support infringers year-round by attending their events.
10) Help establish new infringement festivals in other places.
11) Participate in the first World Infringement Congress on November 19.

To get involved as a collaborator or artist, please email Donovan King at with the word “infringement” in the title and explain how you would like to participate.

More details about the infringement festival in Buffalo, the largest arts festival in the city, can be found at