Infringement performance in Georges-Vanier Metro

GVInfringement performance in Georges-Vanier Metro

In the gallery at Georges Vanier Metro, June 19th, 2:30 p.m. – Spoken Word and Acoustic Music

In the shadows of the Georges Vanier Metro cavern, as you look up into the skylight eye, into sunlight as the trains rush by. This infringement venue will include Rebecca Anne Banks performing Spoken Word, Busker and Josephine performing acoustic soulful/rootsy music and Richard Lahmy performing acoustic blues/rock. Perhaps a surprise guest appearance of Mr. Saad performing Spoken Word.

Rebecca Anne Banks is no stranger to the infringement Festival Montreal. She is a noted Poet from Tea at Tympani Lane Records ( and Subterranean Blue Poetry ( who will read from The Book of Blue and The Angel.

Richard Lahmy has an acoustic guitar folk/rock sound and has played in bands as well as solo busking. He started busking in europe in his early twenties while traveling and began playing in the Montreal Metro in 1980, one of the pioneers before the signs were up or permission given.

Busker and Josephine is a singer-songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and sings soulful/grundgy/rootsy/funky music. She is a busker and travels regularly to various cities with her dog, Busker to play.


Thursday, June 19 @ 2:30 pm

In Georges-Vanier Metro (Orange Line)