Public Reading: John Faithful Hamer’s “Blue Notes”

Local professor and philosopher John Faithful Hamer will read a selection of his works from Blue Notes, a collection of essays, notes, and observations, inspired in part by his home city of Montreal. Hamer, whose work in Blue Notes began as a series of Facebook postings, was warned by publishers his book was “too Montreal” to find an audience, and that he’d be lucky to seel 200 copies. Now on its way to selling 1,000 copies, the self-published book is the talk of the town.

“These exceptionally well-crafted observations are not ordinary but timely and untimely. Like music, these blue notes are aphorisms bearing comparison to Nietzsche’s own. Disagree with this or that if you like, such are the riches of John Faithful Hamer’s style that the reader cannot but be drawn into the heart of philosophy.”—Babette Babich, Professor of Philosophy @ Fordham University & author of The Hallelujah Effect: Philosophical Reflections on Music, Performance Practice and Technology (2013).

Books will be available for sale on-site.

LE P’TIT CABARET @ 183 Saint Paul Est

Saturday, June 21 @ 6 pm

Blue Notes