10th Anniversary infringement festival FEAST!

Feast10th Anniversary infringement festival FEAST!

The infringement festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a feast! Join infringement founders, artists and collaborators in this special celebratory feast!

On June 19th, 2001, the first show in the history of Fringe theatre was kicked out of a Fringe Festival. “Car Stories” was booted from the “Saint-Ambroise Montreal Fringe (TM)” after a corporate sponsor, The Montreal Gazette, complained that it had been criticized by artists. Bureaucrats from the Saint-Ambroise Fringe obediently ejected the artists and subsequently refused to refund their “pay-to-play” fees or pay them their ticket sales. This outrageous scam and obvious corporate takeover of the Fringe movement sparked the creation of the Montreal infringement festival in 2004!

The movement has spread to other cities around the world, and infringement festivals now exist permanently in Montreal, Buffalo and Brooklyn.

* You must reserve for this event to ensure your place at the table! To reserve, email with the word “RESERVATION” in the title of your email. Please let us know: the number of guests and a contact phone number. Please reserve by noon of June 19th to guarantee your place!

A three-course meal usually costs between $15 and $25, and you can BRING YOUR OWN WINE! CAVERNE GRECQUE, 105 Prince Arthur Est (Metro Sherbrooke) @ 7 pm